Friday, September 4, 2009

Common behavioral symptoms of autism and/or Asperger’s syndrome

I just thought this is amazingly on the money. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it probably doesn’t matter anyway, so just ignore this.

  • a difficulty conceptualizing the other person's perspective and priorities
  • limited skills in persuasion
  • a tendency to be confrontational and rigid
  • reluctance to change a decision and admit a mistake
  • an aversion to being interrupted
  • a compulsion for completion
  • a tendency to punish rather than praise
  • a tendency to avoid demands
  • a lack of knowledge of alternative strategies [1]


  • superficially perfect expressive language
  • formal pedantic language
  • odd prosody, peculiar voice characteristics [2]

Then add obsessive compulsion and clinical topical fixation to the above? I’m just sayin’, is all.

Anyway, next real post hopefully coming up over the weekend.


  • Atwood, Tony (1998). The complete guide to Asperger's syndrome. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006. ISBN:1843104954.


[1] Atwood, pp. 119-120
[2] ibid pp. 36

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Lefty said...

Bruce Perens attempted to take us down this path in the comments to the LWN article on the FSF's "Women's Minisummit": "RMS has"—according to a lot of people, but no such claim has been found by Stallman himself—"Asperger's Syndrome, and therefore not only can't tell when he's offended people"—evidently, even when they point it out to him in completely direct terms—"and, in any case, is incapable, because of this condition, of apologizing". Evidently, his condition doesn't extend as far as apologies to Apple for publicly maligning OS X.

I can't help but wonder whether Apple's having a legal department has any specific impact on this condition.

In any case, Matthew Garrett made pretty short work of Bruce, at some length, but not before Bruce had wondered why no one gets in an uproar about the poor guys who can't get laid.

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