Friday, March 28, 2014

High hypocrisy at Techrights - some things just never change

Herr Doktor Schestowitz published another one of his bizarre pieces today, where he claims to suddenly like Mark Shuttleworth because, apparently "he sounds more like Richard Stallman". Problem is, the internets never forgets. Let me quote from today's jewel:

Mark Shuttleworth is a fascinating and charismatic man ... In recent years many tried to portray him as a greedy exploiter — a narrative we rejected and fought back against

Well now. That sure doesn't sound like you, Roy. Because if I remember correctly, you were keen on ridiculing Shuttleworth in your "IRC Proceedings", the same way you've insulted countless open source and free software advocates over the years because they don't pray to the same little gods:

But wait, don't even get me started on this:

Do not trust opportunist billionaires saying they’re out to get other billionaires. You would be fodder in their Turf Wars. I should have known this even a decade ago. At the moment, Mr. Shuttleworth seems to be part of that "dick-sucking" contest/competition which Torvalds alluded to. He had been saying a lot of positive things about Microsoft recently, so he turned from pretending to be “against Microsoft” to “working with Microsoft”. What a sellout, what a weak compass of principles.

Ohsnap. But hell, this is no different from all of your other insults and attacks on people who have actually contributed something to free culture, unlike you and your friends. Indeed, if I remember correctly (and I do), you've even claimed Canonical wanted to "silence" you, and let's not forget the attacks on Jono Bacon.

If you think people will forget what you've done simply because you post thousands of articles, you're wrong. You're the worst kind of hypocrite - the one who knows he's lying but doesn't give a shit because he figures no one will figure it out. Well, you're wrong. Time to call me "stalker" I guess.