Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How this works

  • I reserve the right to edit any post, any time. If the change is contentious, I'll make a note of that. I am trying to use a blog as a wiki, so bare with me here.
  • I'm a big boy, and I don't believe my balls will suddenly detach from my groin if I apologize or correct a mistake. So if I do make a mistake, I will correct it, and apologize if necessary.
  • This is not a family website. I don't mince words. If I use the term fuck somewhere, it's not because I lack the intellectual capacity to express myself in some other, more acceptable way — it's because fuck was indicated at that point.
  • Comments are not moderated unless they're being posted on older articles. But you may not comment anonymously. You have to sign in with your Google account, OpenID, or any other of the half dozen identity federation schemes Blogger supports. If this is a problem, please don't comment. Alternatively, anyone is free to open a Google group or something and bitch at me there or claim that I assailed your freedom of speech and so on. Whatever. I'm just not going to deal with spam when/if it becomes a problem.
  • Don't insult my intelligence.
  • I will indicate what constitutes my opinion and what is simply a recounting or presentation of facts.
  • I like cheezy knobs.