Monday, August 31, 2009

The BoycottNovell spam operation takes a blow

Apparently this morning the AstralKnight account was deleted from Reddit, probably for TOS violations, dealing a severe blow to the so-called perception management operation run by or on behalf of Roy Schestowitz. A spirited discussion about the perp a few days earlier might have been the catalyst for this.

Now all Reddit needs to do is nuke the NastyMicrosoft account.

Karma’s a bitch.


Elland said...

There were several posts about astralknight and his spam. I'm glad Reddit finally did something about him.

Someone said once you hit a certain level of negative comment karma, your account gets deleted. That's why he stopped commenting weeks ago (with a few exceptions).

He will probably start up another account, but it will be easy to find. They are always the same.

Verofakto said...

He was at -400+ last I looked.

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