Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Open Letter to Any Company

I wish to recommend to you a very talented individual who would be a great asset to you. You have never tried to hire him, because he has no work experience or practical knowledge whatsoever in the field he claims to be an expert in.

Nonetheless, the person at hand would be a valuable addition to any sanitation department, a bureaucracy that favors quantity over quality, or your "HTML programming" department, as well as to your relationship with developers (assuming you treat them like the Spanish Inquisition treated non-believers). In turn, it would also unburden the Open Source community from the need to explain to him that it does not really stand for personal attacks, insults, half-truths, fabrications, hypocrisy, industrialized spam, or mockery of people who have actually made tangible contributions to the advancement of software freedom.

So please, if you have vacancies left at the moment, especially in the Waste Management area, I urge you to hire a man called Roy "BoycottBoy" Schestowitz. You will regret this, but we don't really give a shit anymore.


   All of us.

PS — this is not satire or a cheap shot; it's serious and it's possible.  §


[BoycottNovell] is now bigger than Groklaw



Elland Road said...

I was actually able to respond to boycottboy's comment on that BN page. I won't be surprised if he deletes my account again with the usual "attack" claims since I don't bow down & kiss his ass like his boys do.

Verofakto said...

If he does, you can just create another one, and he'll accuse you of "nymshifting" like he does with David, forgetful perhaps that he also deleted two or three of his accounts.

Remember, there's no censorship at the den of paranoia.

Elland Road said...

Maybe goblin will come by to defend his royfriend.

Verofakto said...


Coffee -> Nose -> Keyboard

Elland Road said...

Two of the lies told by boycottboy on that irc page (in the link in your first comment)

1. He never nymshifted
2. He NEVER comments on any site anymore

Elland Road said...

Coffee -> Nose -> Keyboard


The Mad Hatter said...

Yeah, well there's other things going on right now. I've finally figured out the true background behind Boycott Novell, and being a nice guy, I thought I'd let you know.

Verofakto said...

@The Mad Hatter I'm not sure I understand your comment. This is the first time you've seen Lefty's psycho stalker?

And please, 'GreyGeek' is just another BoycottBoy. If I remember correctly he dictates policy on BN and everything.

You're gonna have to do better than that, sorry.

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